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TSMV will open at 8:00 am Tuesday, March 3. No cars or pedestrians should be on campus earlier than 8:00. We need to give the maintenance team until 8:00 to finish dealing with ice patches that formed late today due to snow melt followed by freezing. Trinity School will stick to this schedule, even if Fairfax Schools have a late start.

West Hall will not be open at 7:30; it will open at 8:00.

Morning prayer will begin on time as will first period classes.

There will likely be more school traffic with this time-arrangement. In order to diminish congestion at the intersection in front of the main TSMV driveway, please do not turn left off of Meadow View but go around the block and turn right onto the driveway leading to the parking lot. Once on campus, please do not stop your car in front of South Hall but pull up around the backside of the Art Studio/Annex.

Thank you for your cooperation.

National Merit Scholarship Finalists
Congratulations to Santi Ruiz and George Redgrave who have advanced as finalists in the National Merit Scholarship competition.

TSMV Lauded in Washington Post article
TSMV summer interns were described as students who “write well, are great at research and are enthusiastic employees,” in a January 5 Washington Post column by Thomas Heath. Heath reports on local entrepreneurs and businesses. Among those he featured in his January 5 column was Michael Ortner of Capterra, an Arlington-based software management firm. Ortner is a friend of TSMV and has employed our students as summer interns. To read about Ortner and his commendation of TSMV interns, follow this link. TSMV is mentioned 2/3 of the way down.


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