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Ryan T. Anderson
TSMV Commencement Speaker

TSMV’s Commencement took place Saturday, June 14, at The Falls Church Episcopal Church with twenty-two graduates receiving diplomas. Commencement speaker Ryan T. Anderson, editor of The Public Discourse, the daily journal of the Witherspoon Institute at Princeton, exhorted the graduates to be relentless in their pursuit of knowledge and to use this to uphold the truths our country was based upon.

“As rational beings made in the image and likeness of God, we have a calling to develop our minds—to embrace the best of both Athens and Jerusalem, philosophy and theology. Trinity School has prepared you well for this, but you must see to it that you continue to nurture your intellectual calling at college,” said Anderson.

“When faced with modern skepticism, we have the responsibility to show the world the harmony of faith and reason. When faced with modern relativism, we have the obligation to propose with the apostle Paul the more excellent way.”

In addition to his work at the Witherspoon Institute, Anderson is also a Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and has co-authored a seminal work on marriage entitled What is Marriage? He is at the heart of the national debate over the most important cultural, legal and political issues of our time.


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