Board of Trustees

Craig S. Lent,


Ph.D. Physics

Frank M. Freimann Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Charles Fraga

President, Direct Development, Inc.

David O'Hanley

Ph.D. Geology

Faculty, Trinity School at River Ridge

Kevin Rahaghan

Ph.D. Theology

Chairman, Branch Relations Council, People of Praise, Inc.

Beth Bulger

M.A. English

Freelance Editor, Bulger Editing

Kerry Koller,

(ex officio, non-voting)

Ph.D. Philosophy

President, Trinity Schools, Inc

Michael Zusi

Technical Program Manager, Honeywell, Inc.

Bob Magill

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering

President, Magill Technology Development, LLC

Walt Seale

M.F.A. Creative Writing

Coordinator, Indianapolis Campus Division of People of Praise