Health Records

Student Parking Permit

This form is required by students who park a motor vehicle in the school parking lot. This form is also available at the school receptionist desk.

2016-2017 School Forms

NOTE: The following forms along with the book and fees billing and other information will be mailed to parents of current students in August:

Emergency Information & General Permission Form

This form is completed annually for each student. It gives contact information for the deans and the school nurse in the event of medical or other emergency. Other information requested pertains to medical, parental permission for student self-administering of non-prescription pain medications and parental permission for students to participate in Trinity School activities.

After School Study Hall Agreement

It is required that any students making use of the After School Study Hall anytime during the school year have a parent/guardian sign this form. The form outlines the study hall guidelines.

Permission for Photograph Use

This form is completed by families with students new to Trinity School. This request gives Trinity School permission to use your child's photo in editorial, advertising and other promotional purposes.

Minnesota Nonpublic Parent Aid Form

The state of Minnesota provides aid to non-public schools for the purchase of textbooks, health services and guidance and counseling services.
Please note: Health Services cover basic medical care in the event of illness or injury at school administered by a qualified health professional. We do not provide reproductive services. Guidance and counseling services are exclusively college guidance. Wisconsin families and international students do not complete this form.

Transportation Reimbursement Request

This form gives Trinity School permission to submit your child's name and attendance record to your local school district for transportation reimbursement. Please note that additional forms may be required by some school districts.
Note: The Minneapolis and St. Paul School districts and the State of Wisconsin districts do not provide transportation reimbursement. Wisconsin families and international students do not complete this form.