Trinity School at Greenlawn is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS). ISACS-accredited schools meet more than 50 standards of membership, employ best practices as articulated by ISACS and the National Association of Independent Schools, and undergo a comprehensive, rigorous and thorough process of school improvement every seven years involving broad participation by school personnel, the board of trustees, and major constituencies. ISACS accreditation is recognized by the Indiana Department of Education and the National Association of Independent Schools.

ISACS accreditation certifies, among other things, that Trinity School at Greenlawn

• has a fully developed and disclosed mission and philosophy of education, and that its programs are congruent with that philosophy.

• hires administrators, faculty and staff who are qualified for their positions and responsibilities.

• promotes student development in the major domains of human learning.

• encourages freedom of inquiry and stresses the teaching of critical reasoning and independent thinking as opposed to indoctrination.

• is attentive to the quality of life of all members of the learning community and is committed to an inclusive and equitable school community for all its constituents.

• promotes a climate of emotional and physical safety among students and between students and the faculty and staff.

• does not discriminate against any person in admissions or employment.

• undergoes professional, opinion-level, financial audits on a periodic basis and responds appropriately to any recommendations by the auditors.

• is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization and determines its own mission and program.

• is governed by a board of trustees which develops major school policies, oversees and maintains the financial stability of the school, leads in fund raising and promotion, and employs, evaluates and supports the president of Trinity Schools.

Every seven years, a review process covers all major aspects and programs of the school, citing strengths and challenges faced, and make recommendations for improvement. As part of the accreditation cycle, the school completes a comprehensive self-study, surveys its constituencies and performs other tasks which are then reviewed by a visiting team. The visiting team is comprised of teachers and administrators from ISACS-member schools who understand and appreciate independent school qualities and contributions to American education.

The visiting team’s report and their vote on Standards are presented to the ISACS Evaluation Review Committee, which makes a recommendation on accreditation to the ISACS Board of Trustees. The ISACS Board of Trustees makes the final decision regarding accreditation.