Technology is used to accomplish our educational mission. To this end, each course has specific technology and software used for the execution of the curriculum. Laptops are given to the juniors and seniors to allow for the teaching of programming in MATLAB.

Trinity School integrates the use of MATLABĀ® (short for MATrix LABoratory) into upper-level courses in mathematics and science. MATLAB, as a programming language, is an academic and industry standard, permitting a user-interactive environment for numerical computation and animation. Using MATLAB, students can analyze data and use algorithms to create models and applications as a part of their work in both physics and mathematics. MATLAB is used to simulate physics environments in order to demonstrate the laws of physics.

To our knowledge, Trinity School remains the only high school in the country to teach their students how to program with MATLAB, a dynamic new approach to teaching upper level mathematics and sciences that is only made possible by our common curriculum.