Application Process

We welcome your interest in Trinity School at Greenlawn! Our goal is to make our application process as simple and productive as possible for you. In addition, we hope you can get to know us better by attending some of the events we've scheduled for prospective parents and students.

Fundamentally, the goal of our process is to assemble a packet of information, including a record of some personal interactions, that our faculty-staffed admissions committee can review in order to assess whether a student can be challenged and be successful at Trinity. Combined with that process are a series of opportunities for you to get to know us. Of course, we can't require this of you but we want you to make the decision to join us with as much information as we can give you. Please feel free to ask any questions or contact our director of admissions, Josh Caneff, for any reason at 574-287-5590 x255 or

I. Online Application

We ask all prospective students to complete our convenient online application form. Priority application deadline is December 1. After that date, students will be accepted on a rolling basis as space permits.

II. Student Questionnaire

Applicants to grades 6 through 9 are required to complete our student questionnaire by hand. Their answers will be become the subject of the third step in the process, an in-person faculty interview. Applicants to other grades do not need to complete this step. Please print, complete, and scan and email to

III. Faculty Interview

All students applying to Trinity will have at least one interview with a member of our faculty. For applicants to grades 6 through 9, each student will have a 15-minute interview with a faculty member with the completed student questionnaire as the subject matter for their conversation. These are included in the schedule for our Student Visit Days. For applicants to grades 10 through 12, students will have a 20-minute humanities interview and a 30-minute math evaluation. Both interviews include an exercise that forms the basis of the conversation.

IV. Assessment Exam

Students applying for admission to grades 6 through 9 must complete an assessment examination. This is a competency-level exam tailored to each grade level and designed to help us determine whether a student can be challenged and be successful in the target grade. These are conveniently scheduled during our Student Visit Days, or by appointment.

V. School Records

All students applying to Trinity must supply school records. Those records normally include the following: attendance, grades, home language survey, immunization records, standardized test scores, etc. For most schools, parents must request their child's records via a signed document. We have created an online document that you can sign electronically. Please refer to our Request for Transcript Release Document form to begin this step.

VI. Teacher References

We like to collect teachers references for every applying student. We understand that this can sometimes be difficult or impossible but it’s an important piece of our evaluative process. It is the right of parents to decide whether or not to see the results of these references. Therefore, please forward one of these forms to the appropriate teacher if you would like the results to remain confidential: Mathematics Teacher Reference Form - Waived; English and Reading Teacher Reference Form - Waived. Or forward one of these forms to the appropriate teacher if you would like to retain the right to see their response and we will forward it to you: Mathematics Teacher Reference Form - Retained; English and Reading Teacher Reference Form - Retained.

VII. New Parent Meeting with Head of School

Parents new to Trinity are asked to meet with our head of school for a 20-30 minute conversation after all the parts of the application packet have been collected. This is an opportunity for parents to have an open conversation with John Lee, our head of school, and bring any questions they may have for him. It is also an opportunity for Mr. Lee to talk over the completed application packet with you before he turns the packet over to the admissions committee. Our admissions office will work with you to find a time that works for both you and Mr. Lee.

If you have any questions about our process or about any other subject, please feel free to contact our director of admissions, Josh Caneff at or at (574) 287-5590 x255. We’re looking forward to meeting you!