Trinity School at Meadow View is accredited through the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS). VAIS accreditation is recognized by the Virginia Board of Education and the National Association of Independent Schools. The self-evaluation and accreditation process is maintained on a periodic basis to ensure the school’s adherence to its stated responsibilities and purposes and to seventy-three standards that VAIS requires for membership.

VAIS accreditation certifies, among other things, that Trinity School at Meadow View:

• has a clearly stated educational mission and philosophy consistent with the needs of children and the requirements of a pluralistic society.

• hires administrators, faculty and staff who are qualified for their positions and responsibilities.

• promotes, in keeping with its mission, an equitable, just, and inclusive community that inspires its members to respect others and value diversity.

• develops its overall educational program from the school’s stated philosophy and mission, and from the educational and developmental needs of its students.

• employs qualified personnel without regard to race, color, ethnic background, national origin, sex, handicapped status, or age.

• is administered and supervised by the Head of School who is chosen by and reports to the board of trustees.

• is governed by a board of trustees that understands and adheres to the NAIS Principles of Good Practice for Governance and works in partnership with the Head of School to fulfill these principles.

• has financial resources adequate to sustain the program of the school.

• undergoes an annual full-opinion professional audit.

Schools spend two years preparing for an on-site VAIS evaluation visit. Schools are visited every five years by an evaluation team appointed by the VAIS office. Peer evaluators from other independent schools spend three to four days on the campus during which they review the school's self-evaluation report, supporting documentation, and published curriculum. Interviews with representatives of all constituent groups, classroom visits, and observations of campus life provide the team with background information needed to prepare the visiting team report of commendations and recommendations. The team also votes on the VAIS Standards for Membership.

The visiting team’s report and vote on Standards is presented to the VAIS Membership Committee that makes a recommendation on accreditation to the VAIS Board of Directors. The VAIS Board of Directors makes the final decision regarding accreditation.