Giving Overview

At Trinity School at Meadow View we take seriously our responsibility to provide an excellent education, full of the best literature, music, mathematics and science that the world has to offer. We accomplish this in the context of a Christian environment and a community of learners, where everyone is teaching and everyone is learning. Our parents, alumni and friends are invited to join this community. In fact, we rely on their help in many ways.

The Trinity School culture has many defining aspects, which can be found in our approach to academics, student life, athletics and other extracurricular activities. Another defining aspect is our culture of philanthropy. Although we represent a wide range of financial capacities, our approach is one that encourages everyone to give what they are able in all the ways they are able.

Fundraising initiatives are essential to us. The Annual Appeal, the Spring Gala and our scholarship initiatives provide the bedrock of support needed each year.