Contributing to a scholarship at Trinity School is a wonderful way to inspire and support young people and to recognize the contribution that education has made in our own lives. This philanthropic investment will pay high dividends that will be measured in lives that are changed and dreams that are fulfilled.

Annual Scholarships

River Ridge provides scholarships in order to ensure that a Trinity School education is accessible to qualified students from families of modest means. Listed below are ways that you can make a Trinity School education a reality for a deserving student.

Named Scholarships

Your own named scholarship
For an investment of at least $25,000, you may create and name a scholarship that will provide scholarship funds each year in perpetuity.

Education for Life Scholarship Fund
This fund has been set up to provide qualified students a real opportunity to escape poverty and become a creative, thoughtful adult equipped with the tools to be of good use in the wise care and governance of God’s creation.

Andrea Evans Memorial Scholarship Fund
This fund has been established in memory of Andrea Evans. Andrea had just completed her junior year at Trinity School when she died in a tragic accident. Reception of this scholarship will be based on demonstrated need.

Endowment Fund

The Trinity Schools Endowment Fund is a combined fund that includes donations from all three Trinity Schools. The combined assets provide a greater return on investment. Each year Trinity School at River Ridge receives a portion of the earnings from this fund.

An educated society is the product of communities that value and support education. There is no issue more fundamental to a successful life than education, and Trinity School at River Ridge opens the door of opportunity for children in our community who need it most. When you contribute to a scholarship fund, you give the gift of education and provide crucial assistance for talented students who will be the scientists, artists, writers and leaders of tomorrow.