Trinity School

The Trinity Difference

Our Mission

Our mission is education. Everything about our curriculum, pedagogy and organization enhances student engagement: small classes, original texts, Socratic seminars, single-sex classrooms, participation in the fine arts and a performance based math and science curriculum.

A Community of Learners

Students and faculty form one community of learners characterized by the rigorous exploration of reality, the free and disciplined exchange of ideas, and active participation in the fine arts.

Single-Sex Classes

The environment fits boys and girls perfectly. Classes are small. The students are free and focused.

Sense of Wonder

Teachers impart a sense of wonder at the world and its complexities which creates a desire for understanding.

An Ecumenical Christian Culture

Trinity School is an ecumenical Christian school witnessing to the fundamental unity of all who are baptized into Christ. Strong faculty leadership and a vibrant Christian culture shape the character of the young men and women we enroll.