Curricular Music

The music curriculum is carried out in the seventh through tenth grades. It begins with the study of music fundamentals applied to learning the recorder as a solo and ensemble instrument in grades seven and eight.

In grades nine and ten, students focus on the study and composition of choral music. In the ninth grade, students study four-part harmony and compose music in the chorale style; in the tenth grade, they study and compose music in the sixteenth-century contrapuntal style. A selection of student compositions is performed by professionals at the year-end Fine Arts Night. In both grades, students perform in curricular choirs whose repertoire is grounded in the styles they study.

Extracurricular Music

Trinity Chorale
Open to all students and faculty and consisting of 35 to 40 voices, the Trinity Chorale performs twice a year at the school's Fine Arts Nights. The repertoire is mostly a cappella, with music ranging from the 14th to 20th centuries.

Trinity Chamber Choir
Open by audition to upper-level girls and female faculty, this select chamber group performs challenging music in a more intimate musical atmosphere.

Trinity Tempest in a Barbershop
Open by audition to upper-level boys and male faculty, this select group performs music from the traditional barbershop repertoire.

Trinity Instrumental Ensemble
Open to instrumentalists (and the occasional vocalist) from all grade levels, the student-initiated Instrumental Ensemble performs at Fine Arts Night receptions as well as other school events throughout the year.