FACTS Enrollment

FACTS Tuition Management Company

The FACTS Tuition Management Company is the most widely used tuition management service by private and faith-based schools nationwide, currently serving over 4,000 schools. When choosing to pay your tuition through FACTS you choose:

WHEN you want FACTS to withdraw your payments (on the 5th or 20th of the month).
WHICH of your accounts you want payments withdrawn from (your savings or checking account).
HOW MUCH you want withdrawn for each payment (e.g., 10% of tuition).

To complete the FACTS Payment Agreement and to begin paying your tuition through the e-Cashier Service just click on the FACTS logo below:

If you have questions about the process contact Mr. Jerry Rynda, the Business Administrator at Trinity School, at 651-789-2890, ext. 218, or by email: jrynda@trinityschools.org