Music is required of all River Ridge students in grades seven through ten. In grade seven, the fundamentals of music are introduced, and then applied to the use of the singing voice and to the learning of the recorder as a solo instrument. In grade eight, students learn to play as part of a recorder ensemble. The focus of music in the ninth and tenth grades is on the age-appropriate vocal development of the changing voice. These skills enable all students to participate in a ninth and tenth grade girls' choir and a ninth and tenth grade boys' choir which give two formal concerts a year. There are also opportunities for choral, hand chime, and percussion ensembles.

Extracurricular Performing Groups

All extracurricular performing groups meet after school on Wednesday afternoons. Some groups have additional morning rehearsals. See the Fine Arts calendar for specific times.

Chamber Singers

The most experienced singers have the opportunity to sing in a small chamber ensemble which performs advanced music from all musical periods. Chamber Singers represent River Ridge at state choral competitions and have consistently received superior ratings. This group performs several times throughout the year. An audition is required for participation.

Wind Ensemble

This group is open to brass, woodwind and percussion players in all grades. Students audition to play in the group, and need to show the ability to sight-read music, play basic scales, and perform a simple solo with some proficiency. The Wind Ensemble plays concert band music in a variety of styles, from marches to well-known classical transcriptions, occasionally featuring soloists. They perform in the ninth-and tenth-grade concerts as well as their own Pops Concert.

Jazz Ensemble

This ensemble is open to any student from the Wind Ensemble who is especially proficient on his or her instrument and who enjoys the jazz medium. They perform in the ninth-and tenth-grade concerts as well as their own Pops Concert.

String Ensemble

Students in all grades from intermediate to advanced abilities are invited to participate. Students perform original pieces from the world's greatest composers. The String Ensemble performs in the ninth-and tenth-grade concerts, Pops Concert, and with the Chamber Singers.